200W / 400W HMI Accessories


Dual Brick Adapter

Item No. Model No. Description
96608 PA30/14B Dual Brick adapter with 14.4V & 30V output
96610 PA-30B Dual Brick adapter with 30V output only


30V Power option for 200W HMI ballast, holds two 14.4V brick batteries to produces a 30V output, the ballast can attach directly to the dual brick adapter for easy transport

Size: 6 X 3 X 6.25                    
Weight: 1.4 lbs.



Soft Box with Filters

Item No. Model No. Description
96222 SSG-SB Soft box w/ filter


Frezzi Soft Box comes complete with 3-diffusion filters and 1-CTO. This unique design allows filters to slide in the front envelope to adjust diffusion level or color temperature. Folds open or closes quickly for deployment or storage.

Size: 13.5 X 13 X 12
Weight: 1.5 lbs.

30V Heavy Duty Battery

Item No. Model No. Description
93509 F30P 30V15A Battery to operate 200W or 400W Ballast


The Frezzi F30P 30V 15AH Battery is designed to power our 200W or 400W ballasts on DC, running the 200W over 1 1/2 hours and the 400W over 45 Minutes. Ballasts can connect directly to F30P Battery. Note: F30QC required for charging.

Size: 9.6 X 4.7 X 9
Weight: 19 lbs.

4 Leaf Barn-Door

Item No. Model No. Description
96221 SSG-BD 4 leaf barn doors


Four leaf barn doors attaches directly to light heads, fully rotatable on head and while mounted on the 200W or 400W it allows the SSG-CTO and/or SSG-DIF diffusion filter to mount simultaneously with the barn doors.

Size: 6 X 12 X 12
Weight: 1.25 lbs.

4 Hour Quick Charger

Item No. Model No. Description
94108 F30QC 4 Hour Quick Charger for F30P


The Frezzi F30QC Advanced Charger can quickly charge the F30P 30V battery in 4 hours or less, designed with Auto AC Voltage select for world wide operation.

Size: 8.25 X 4.9 X 3.9 Weight: 3 lbs.

8' Black Light Stand

Item No. Model No. Description
96224 SSG-LS 8' Black Light stand


Frezzi Light stand for mounting of 200W & 400W Light heads, adjustable to 8 with black non-reflective finish. Allows mounting of BC-1 ballast mounting clamp to hold ballasts on stand.

Weight: 2.25 lbs.

Additional Accessories

Item No. Model No. Description
96227 SSG-CTO Drop in glass CTO Filter for 200W or 400W head
96228 SSG-DIF Drop in glass diffusion filter for 200W or 400W head
96234 SSG-GP Filter pack containing 1-CTO & 3 diffusion filters for soft box
96223 EXTC-200 25' Extension cable for 200W HMI
96233 EXTC-400 25' Extension cable for 400W HMI
97104 FAB-200 200W MSR/HR Hot Restrike HMI lamp for 200W HMI
97106 FAB-400 400W MSR/HR Hot Restrike HMI lamp for 400W HMI
96225 BC-1 Ballast clamp to hold 200W or 400W ballasts to stand



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