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OP-177/U Elements

The OP-177/U system kit integrates charging and monitoring of all communication
batteries in the U.S.  Special Operations Forces inventory. Batteries may be charged in
all environmental conditions with the AC/DC Power Converter, Solar Panel Charger or Hand Cranked generator.



Solar Panel Assembly. These panels can be used in one, two, and four panel configurations to charge 12 and 24 volt batteries through the Power Supply Adapter. Supports recharging of BB590/U, BB490/U, BB588/U and BB542/U.




Generator Assembly G-67B/G. A hand cranked generator of advanced design able to provide energy to recharge through a Power Supply Adapter BB590/U and BB490/U batteries. Can directly charge the BB542/U.




AC to DC Power Converter Kit. The AC-DC converter is a selectable battery charger adaptable with the International Wall Socket Kit to receive world wide AC power. Charges 12, 13, 24 Volt NiCd and 12 and 24 Volt lead acid SOF batteries utilizing the Power Supply Adapter.



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