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James Crawford
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Frezzi’s Newest 130 Watt Hour MH Battery Supplies More Energy With Higher Reliability Than Any Other

Latest Metal Hydride Battery Provides 500 Cycles

Hawthorne, NJ -- April 23, 2003 -- Frezzi Energy Systems announces the most powerful on-board battery available in the world, the Frezzi BP-14MH series batteries. At 130 Watt Hours, the Frezzi BP-14MH series batteries provide 100% more run time that a typical brick battery. Unlike other batteries that requires current limiting, the BP-14MH batteries can handle the higher power requirements demanded by today’s ENG and EFP crews

These new batteries are available to connect directly to all existing Snap-On bracket mounts, as well as the Sony V-Mount system. Frezzi’s advanced Energy Gage is another available option on all BP-14MH batteries, providing accurate capacity information regardless of the age of the battery.

Frezzi Energy Systems, the inventors of on-camera lighting and power have been in the broadcasting industry for over 60 years. Frezzi offers a complete line of high capacity battery packs, bracket systems, advanced chargers, solar chargers, battery belts, portable lighting kits and accessories. Frezzi Energy Systems is a division of Frezzolini Electronics Inc. For more information on Frezzi products call 800-345-1030 or visit the web site at http://www.frezzi.com.

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