DV Lighting Accessories for Frezzi Micro Fill & Micro-Gun Guns

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Micro-Fill Combo Accessory
Model  MRFA
Micro-Fill Combo Accessory
The MRFA combo accessory adds a dichroic filter for daylight balanced light, a diffusion filter, and barn doors in a single accessory. Built of lightweight aircraft aluminum, the MRFA attaches to the Frezzi Micro–Fill line of products quickly and easily. A must accessory.


Item #: 96401
 Model #: MRFA
 Length: 2.4 inch.
 Width: 2.5 inch.
 Height: 2.8 inch.
 Weight: 2.2 oz


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Micro-Fill Soft Box
Model  MRSB
Micro-Fill Soft Box
The MRSB soft box for the Frezzi Micro-Fill product line prevents unwanted shadows on a subject, providing high quality light output. Made of high quality materials, the MRSB soft box folds up flat conserving storage space. Obtain milk smooth lighting.


Item #: 96405
 Model #: MRSB
 Length: 3.0 inch.
 Width: 3.0 inch.
 Height: 3.0 inch.
 Weight: 1.9 oz


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Micro-Fill Dichroic Filter
Model MRDF
Micro-Fill Dichroic Filter
The MRDF dichroic filter converts the Frezzi Micro-Fill light to 5500K from 3200K. The daylight corrected Micro-Fill supplies daylight balanced fill light for close-ups and interviews. For shooting in outside daylight, this is a must.


Item #: 96403
 Model #: MRDF
 Length: 0.9 inch.
 Width: 2.3 inch.
 Height: 2.4 inch.
 Weight: 1.5 oz


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Dual Shoe Adapter
Model FDSA


Micro-Fill Dual Shoe Adapter
The FDSA Frezzi Dual Shoe Adapter converts a camera shoe mount by providing an additional shoe mount for other accessories such as the Sony wireless mic adapter. The Dual Shoe Adapter also extends the Frezzi Micro-Fill light over the lens hood of Mini-DV cameras removing unwanted shadows.


Item #: 96316
 Model #: FDSA
 Length: 5.5 inch.
 Width: 1.0 inch.
 Height: 1.3 inch.
 Weight: 1.9 oz



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