ENG Standard LED Field Lighting Brightest and Lightest Most Portable and Durable Fully Weatherproof for ENG/EFP



New upgradeable LED Lamp, this hybrid workhorse is the highest output, smallest size camera top light light in the industry. Read more... Highly portable LED for indoor and outdoor RUN and GUN news.
The new standard for professional
ENG crews.
HyLight's Big Brother LED, outperforms HMI's with enough portable punch for bright outdoor shooting. Read more...

Output: 75Watts

Outputs: 200 Watts

Output: 650 Watts

Input:      8 Watts

Input:         24 Watts

Input:       75 Watts





ENG HMI Lighting


The world's brightest and lightest HMIs delivering more output than 800W HMI's AC/DC Powered. Read more...


Output: 2000W

  Input:      400W  



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