Dimmable 15 Watt Micro-Sun Gun HMI

New from Frezzi, the pioneers in camera top HMI technology, the Frezzi MRAX2 Series Dimmable 15W HMI. Featuring the world's smallest 10W to 15W dimmable HMI lamp fixture with a self contained ballast and full spectrum 5600K daylight color balanced lamp. Perfect for outdoor daylight fill light applications. Ultra compact design and extremely robust construction makes the new MRAX2 ideal for the demands of outdoor field production. It can easily be camera mounted with included mounting hardware. Power kits and accessories available.

Features & Benefits
• World’s First Dimmable Camera Top HMI
• World’s smallest & lightest HMI- only 8 oz.
• Integrated high efficiency ballast
• Color balance- 5600K nominal
• Rich colors / high color rendering index
• Ultra compact and rugged all aluminum design
• Dimmable from 10W - 15W extends battery life
• Handcrafted in the USA
• 12 – 16 Volt DC Input
• Hot re-strike less than 10s from power-off
• Fast lamp warm-up time
• Camera mounting hardware included


Choice of Connectors



Micro-Sun Gun Product Guide

Dimmable 15W Micro-Sun Gun HMI

DC Connector

Item No. Model No.

Connector Description

92810 MRAX2-NP1

NP-1 battery connector, 4’ cable

92811 MRAX2-NP1S

NP-1 battery connector, 2’ cable

92812 MRAX2-PT

Power-tap connector, 2’ cable

92813 MRAX2-PTS

Power-tap connector, 1’ cable

92814 MRAX2-4X

XLR-4 male connector, 4’ cable

92815* MRAX2-5X

XLR-5 male connector, 4’ cable

92816 MRAX2-12P

Cigarette plug, 4’ cable

92817* MRAX2-12C

BP-90 socket, 4’ cable

92818* MRAX2-12S

BP-90 plug, 2’ cable






All models operate on 12-14.4 Volts



Item No. Model No. Watts Volts Kelvin Life (hrs) fc@5' Beam Sp. Bulb Type
97111 FAB-15 15 12-14 5600K 525 160 25 deg. flood HMI

All Lamps supplied with diffused glass for soft professional output.

White Paper on HMI Technology


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