The World’s Favorite Camera-Top Lighthead

Frezzi’s award winning lighthead, the Mini Fill was originally designed by Frezzolini for the first Mount Everest climb. It has continuously been updated and improved for the needs of the broadcasting community. The Mini-Fill’s reliability, performance, and portability has established its international reputation and inspired an entire line of lighting products available today. Previously known only to the broadcasting community, this exceptional lighthead has become the light of choice for the professional videographer.

Frezzi Mini-Fills are available in both standard (on/off) and dimmer control models. The Dimmer Mini-Fill provides the ultimate in flexibility for camera top quartz-tungsten lighting. An advanced pulse width modulation circuit allows instant adjustment of the light intensity while minimizing color change and conserving power. Adjusting the light output is as simple as turning the dial on the back of the unit. Latest enhancements include fuseless reverse polarity protection, improved noise filtering, and a new robust potentiometer that will provide years of reliable service.

mficSBCam.JPG (21469 bytes)

stdmini-fill2.JPG (11919 bytes)
Standard (on/off) Mini-FIll

mficnp1hcWITHDF.JPG (8594 bytes)
Dimmer Mini Fill with self contained NP1 holder with optional FNP1S battery

mfic-2.JPG (10469 bytes)
Dimmer Mini Fill with optional dichroic filter (MFDF)
and barn doors w/ flip-up diffuser (MFBD)



Item# Model# Description Item# Model#
91101 MF-NP1HC Self contained NP1 holder and handle clamp (includes 50W lamp) 91201 MFIC-NP1HC
91102 MF-PT Power-tap connector, 2’ cable (includes 50W lamp) 91202 MFIC-PT
91106 MF-PTS

Power-tap connector, 1’ cable
(Standard 20W / Dimmer 30W
-NEW ! )
For all Sony SX, Digital Betacam, and DVcam camcorders.

91206 MFIC-PTS
91103 MF-4X XLR-4(M) connector, 4’ cable (includes 75W lamp) 91203 MFIC-4X
91104 MF-NP1S NP1 connector, 2’ cable (includes 50W lamp) 91204 MFIC-NP1S
91105 MF-NP1 NP1 connector, 4’ cable (includes 50W lamp) 91205 MFIC-NP1
91107 MF-12S BP-90 plug connector for Pag-Lok, 2’ cable (includes 50W lamp) 91207 MFIC-12S
91108 MF-5X XLR-5(M) connector, 4’ cable (includes 75W lamp) 91208 MFIC-5X
91109 MF-12C BP-90 socket connector, 4’ cable (includes 50W lamp) 91209 MFIC-12C
91110 MF-12P Cigarette plug connector, 4’ cable (includes 100W lamp) 91210 MFIC-12P
91111 MF-30 30V, 2-pin amphenol(M), 4’ cable (includes 80W lamp) 91211 MFIC-30
Pt.JPG (1708 bytes) 4x.JPG (921 bytes) Np.JPG (3898 bytes) S.JPG (2797 bytes) 5x.JPG (967 bytes) 12c.JPG (1004 bytes) Cig.JPG (1075 bytes) 30v.JPG (1331 bytes)
PT / PTS 4X NP1 / NP1S 12S 5X 12C 12P 30


Item# Model Watts Volts Kelvin Life(hrs) fc @ 5' Beam Sp.
97001 BAB 20 12-14 2925K 2000 35 40 flood
97002 FMW 35 12-14 3000K 4000 60 40 flood
97003 EXN 50 12-14 3050K 3000 80 40 flood
97004 EYC 75 12-14 3050K 3500 100 40 flood
97005 EXV 100 12 only 3350K 50 120 40 flood
97006 EKP 80 30 3350K 25 150 40 flood

Foot candle readings taken on lightheads with diffused front glass which is standard on all Frezzi Mini-Fills.


Weights:  12 oz.  (17 oz. for NP1HC models)
Mount:  1/2" stud  (clamp mount included with NP1HC models)


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